Peer Inspections

All projects that receive funding from the Youth Activity Fund are subject to peer inspections by young people. This is part of the monitoring process is an important opportunity for young people to be involved in the Youth Activity Fund delivery.

The inspections are unannounced and, although accompanied by a council officer, are led by the young people carrying out the inspections.

They will conduct a short interview with the session leader and speak to participants regarding the project. The aim of the inspections is to ensure that the project is engaging and accessible for young people, the inspectors may even want to take part themselves. Local councillors are also invited to the inspection, giving the young people a chance to meet local decision makers.

These Peer Inspections are really valued, with a report being fed back to local councillors at Community Committees following summer holiday inspections.  Any concerns young people may have are raised with the funding body and the provider. The inspectors also highlight outstanding projects being recognised and celebrated.

Here are some of the things young people have said about the activities:

Well organised, friendly and exactly as stated on application’ – InterAct Impact Camp

‘Really inspiring project’ – Bicycle Build Project at OIL

‘I like the way they coach and encourage skills, physical abilities and mental state' – Mandela Warriors Basketball

'All the staff are awesome’ - Chapel FM

‘Friendly, exciting, organised’ - Shine Aspirations

‘Clear instructions, affordable, passionate staff, good behaviour management, health and safety conscious’ – ACES Sports Camp

If you have any queries about the peer inspections, please get in touch with Caroline Webb in the Communities Team: 0113 378 5679