Cusan Theatre

Introducing the audience to unusual characters, places, dances, songs and rhythms through life size puppetry and many other visual treasures. 

Using masks and amazing sculptural costumes and scenery, Cusan Theatre Productions create a visual world of colours, textures and forms where anything can happen and stories are told in many different ways, a multi-cultural, multi-sensory, bilingual, immersive theatrical experience for all ages and all abilities.

Cusan Theatre Productions, makes high quality visual performance work  that is usually non-verbal, suitable for everyone of us and for indoor and outdoor performances.
The work combines life size puppetry, masks, dance theatre and sculptural costumes.
From family shows to enchanting interactive puppetry walkabouts and workshops, the company creates work that is both a multi-cultural and sensory experience for all ages.  
Cusan Theatre has a reputation for the high quality of the work, it’s appropriateness for young children and the fact that it is also loved by adults. Our hearts are in touring to schools and other community venues, this gives the young people full access to our work regardless of background, it is not for the privileged few.This ties in strongly with our core philosophy of equal access and equal opportunity for all.
Tanya of Cusan Theatre is performing artist and creative practitioner with over 25 year’s experience of working with children, young people and adults. She was born in Colombia , South America. Her career has encompassed a variety of skills that includes, dance, theatre, singing, puppeteering and maker. One of her greatest achievements is the inspiration, positive impact and confidence she has instilled in the lives of the 1000’s of children and adults that she engages with every year through her work. Her wonderful visual performances, workshops and creative ideas  have led to a change of approach to storytelling in many schools.

Cusan Theatre touring programme and work in education runs all year round.
We have Enhanced Disclosure CRB and public liability insurance.
If you would like further information contact Tanya on:
Tel: 0113 2626997 or