Arnold's World - Cusan Theatre

Arnold's World on Tour - Cusan Theatre. Children can’t stop writing about it!
"Captivating Cusan Theatre performs master piece Arnold's World."
"English Spaniards spectacle at Mill field Primary School."
"The captivating Cusan Theatre delivers magic at our school."
"Thrilling Cusan Theatre continues to inspire people around the world." "South American actors amaze school!"
Once upon a time…but this is not an ordinary Fairy Tale.
Based upon an original story by South American writer, Cecilia Espinosa, Cusan Theatre shares an exciting opportunity to take part in the Arnold's World experience, their latest inspiring and enchanting production….a multi-cultural, multi-sensory, bilingual, immersive theatrical experience for all ages and all abilities.
A visually stimulating, expressive and extraordinary world that reconnects us with nature and our dreams….Arnold invites us into his curious world to explore with him the magical landscape that surrounds him, filled with enchanting characters, life size puppets, mesmerising music and sensory textiles. Arnold's World is a visual feast of colour, narrative, textures, costumes and landscapes made from textiles and up-cycled materials that the audience will be able to touch and explore.
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