Breeze Culture Network is the online networking site for anyone offering positive activities for children and young people (and their families) in Leeds. These include schools, colleges, arts and sports organisations and individual practitioners, voluntary and community sector organisations, partnerships and local authorities.
Our aim is to increase the menu of opportunities for the children and young people we work with by connecting the people and organisations who work with them (and their families) with those who deliver activities or opportunities, events or funding, news and ideas for them. 
Use this network to promote what you do, share and receive information and reach new audiences - it's up to you what you make of it!
Just click on the links below to find answers to the questions you might have...

Click to expandREGISTRATION: I want to join the Breeze Culture Network

You can join Breeze Culture Network (BCN) in two ways:
Create yourself a personal profile within an existing organisation listed on the network.
OR, if your organisation is not already feature on BCN
Create a brand new organisation listing and yourself a personal profile within that.
Click Register under the blue Log In button on the menu bar and go from there.
If you are starting from scratch to build a profile for an organisation that doesn't already feature on the Network you will be automatically prompted to provide equality and safeguarding information in support of your registration, you will need to provide this before your account is activated.
If you are creating yourself a personal profile within an organisation already featured on Breeze Culture Network then your organisation's Primary Contact will receive an automated email from us asking them to activate you. This is our way of ensuring everyone is connected to the correct organisation. Don't worry though, we get the email too and will be in touch.

Click to expandREGISTRATION: Why do I have to provide Equality & Safeguarding Information?

You won't be activated as a new organisation or freelance practitioner until you have provided evidence about your understanding of child protection and equal opportunities in support of your registration.
This is because Breeze Culture Network is a network of professionals and volunteers working responsibly with children and young people, all of whom have a focus on quality of provision and understand the importance of having the correct policies and procedures in place.
We help you promote your work to schools and voluntary/community organisations, and we encourage schools and voluntary/community groups  to come to the Network to find quality providers, so if you don't have these policies and procedures in place we're not the network for you.
We also recommend that schools/organisation engaging others to work with their children and young people do their own checks on safeguarding and equality to meet their own requirements.


Click to expandMY ACCOUNT: I've joined the Network but I can't do anything on the site!

This is usually the case when you've registered online but not completed your registration by submitting the supporting information required to activate your account.
To be fully activated please submit your completed Equality & Safeguarding Requirements form prompted for as part of registration which can also be downloaded at the link below.
Download the forms, submit them with your evidence and then we'll get you up and running!
Contact us at breeze@leeds.gov.uk if you are confused.

Click here to download the paperwork required.

Click to expandMY ACCOUNT: I've forgotten my username/password! What do I do?

Your username is your email address connected to your profile - so the account you receive our targeted messages to.
You can renew your password by going to the blue Log In button (above the sliding image), and clicking
Scroll down the page to 'Forgot Password' and click
As for a link to be sent to your email address - and follow the process to reset your password

Click to expandMY ACCOUNT: How do I edit my organisation or personal profile?

You'll need to log in first, then simply go to the 'My Account' button for your personal profile, or 'My Organisation Profile' from the drop down from the big orange button in the top right hand side of the page.
Use the information added to My Organisation Profile as an opportunity to spell out what your organisation does - this shows up in the Directory.
For your personal profile you can select categories of interest so you can receive relevant targeted messages from the rest of the network.

Click to expandMY ACCOUNT: Why should I edit my organisation or personal profile?

To make the most of your Breeze Culture Network of course!
Your Organisation Profile gives you the chance to set out your stall about what your organisation/you do. This is what is seen by anyone searching our Directory - so that's a chance for you to leap out at anyone looking for an organisation or freelance practitioner to work with. Use the space to interest and delight potential partners and employers. You can add images too.
Your Account profile is is your chance to say a bit more about you, and best of all you can select areas and categories of interest so you can receive the targeted messages sent out by fellow BCN members that are relevant to you.

Click to expandMY ACCOUNT: Can other people in my organisation become members?

Yes, all they need to do is go to Register https://members.breezeculturenetwork.org/register and sign up as an individual, and find your organisation in the list of organisations already listed.
You can invite them. Log in, go to My Organisation Profile (top right button, drop down menu) on the left hand side of the page see 'Invite User' and go from there.
New members can edit their own account to receive information of interest to them etc...

Click to expandMESSAGES: How do I send out a targeted message to the network?

Once you are logged in it is all there on your dashboard.
Either click on the My Messages icon on your dashboard, or click on the orange 'welcome' button on the top right hand corner and the drop down menu features everything you need to use the site.
Please take care not to abuse the system, think about the categories of interest RELEVANT to your message content and don't just click all.
We rely on our members not to spam each other.

Click to expandMESSAGES: I don't get any messages from the Network

Poor you. You are really missing out!
Check your email junk mail folder - are we in there? If so, 'white list' us and we'll pop up in your email inbox as soon as someone hits 'send' from Breeze Culture Network.
If we aren't in your junk mail folder then the answer is probably that you didn't select any categories of interest when creating your personal profile, so you'll need to log in to the Network and update your personal profile - select areas and categories of interest to set up your personalised targeted messaging system.
If you've selected your categories of interest in your personal profile but still don't receive messages we bet it's because you haven't selected any geographical areas of interest, so it's time to go back into your personal profile and do some more updating.

Click to expandMESSAGES: I sent a message but where is it?

You don't receive a copy of your own message! This is something we are asking to be changed but there's no timescale for that.
If you'd like to see a copy of your message just contact breeze@leeds.org.uk and we'll flick one over to you.

Click to expandMESSAGES: I get too many messages - my email inbox is overflowing!

We're reluctantly adding this to FAQ because we don't really believe you can have too many messages from the Network!
To control the amount of messages you receive from the Network simply log into the BCN and Edit Your Account. Reduce the areas/categories of interest selected to fine tune your targeted messages.

Click to expandDIRECTORY: How do I find anyone/everyone on the network?

Just log in, go to the Directory and search by organisation name or service.

Click to expandEVENTS: We've got an event for children/young people going on in Leeds, can I promote it anywhere else?

If that's the case you really should add it as an Event using your Breeze Culture Network account. This will publish it onto the events calendar on  www.Breezeleeds.org the website for anyone looking for positive things for children, young people and families to do in Leeds.
Good news is you can do that from here!
Log in to the members area and click 'Creat an Event' on your dashboard, follow the instructions to do just that.
Our Event builder form allows you to insert multiple dates for events that repeat and copy event details for events held at different venues.
Don't forget to also publicise your events by sending around a message via the Network, (see above).
We'll also be happy to give you an extra boost via our BreezeLeeds.org home page news and facebook pages. We'll be in touch when we see your messages/events being added.

Click to expandEVENTS: My Event listing has been rejected! What do I do?

You'll have received notification that we have rejected your event - this is usually due to some missing information, spelling errors, a wrong venue, or you haven't listed all your dates individually.
You'll see the explanation for the rejections when you go to 'My Events' and on the left hand side of the page see the drop down menu from 'Status' click on 'Rejected'.
We will always endeavour to email you directly to explain too.

Click to expandEVENTS: I created an event listing but now I can't find it!

No worries, just sign in, go to My Events and then on the left hand side of that page you will see a section 'Status' with a drop down menu offering:
  • Live
  • Draft
  • Rejected
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Past

    they're all there!

Click to expandEVENTS: The timings I have added aren't accepted by the event builder form but I can't see what I am doing wrong!

You must follow the 24 hour clock protocol for inserting times, that means digit, digit, colon, digit, digit e.g. 10:30 or 15:30 and so on.
If you add in 10.30 or 05;15 that will not be accepted by the system and you will not be able to continue to save.
So watch out for your punctuation... Use a colon : every single time.

Click to expandWEBSITE CONTENT: Can I add something to the Breeze Culture Network news or resources page?

Yes please!
We welcome your news to share on our News Section. Please contact us at breeze@leeds.gov.uk with text and a lovely big image and we'll do the rest.

Click to expandHave we answered your question?

If you still have questions not covered in this FAQ, feel free to just drop us an email at breeze@leeds.gov.uk and we will be happy to help.